Alison and Phil’s classic wedding at Butleigh Wootton

Butleigh Wootton

Butleigh Wootton was the venue for Alison and Phil’s classic and stylish wedding last weekend.

Alison and I were friends going all the way back to high school days (in fact, we had a number of classes together), but that is too long ago for me to think about. But it was awesome to have Alison contact me and discuss her wedding with Phil, and I felt honoured that they chose me to cover their photography for their big day.

I joined up with Alison and her family and the bridal party at her sister’s place, and we headed off to Central Park in Glen Iris for some initial family shots, and a few bridal party shots as well. As this is Melbourne and winter, and was going to be a 5.30pm ceremony, we were going to have no light by the end of it. So making the most of time beforehand meant we got some great shots before the sun had gone to bed.

 1 Groom Phil preparing pre wedding

2 Bride Alison and her beautiful girls

3 wedding preparations

4 Bride and groom and kids outside house pre-wedding Melbourne

5 Bride and groom pre-wedding, black and white

6 Groom Phil and one of his beautiful daughters, pre-wedding

7 Bride Alison in her beautiful Rolls Royce wedding cars

8 Bride Alison with her Rolls Royce wedding car

9 Bride Alison and her lovely bridesmaids

10 Little flowergirl walking ahead of groom and groomsmen

11 Groom and Groomsmen at Butleigh Wootton

12 Bride and Groom walking amongst trees

13 Bride and groom walking in a park

Then it was on to a little secret spot in Malvern that I hadn’t shot at before, but I think some of the shots amongst the pillars worked great and it turned out to be a great generic celexa problems suggestion by the limo drivers. Alison and Phil and I all where intending to shoot outside the Malvern Town Hall, but this spot gave us some more unique shots and something different to the Town Hall look.

14 Bride and groom among gothic pillars

15 Bride with groom in the background

16 Groom walking smiling towards bride

17 Bride and groom amongst pillars

Then it was on to beautiful and historic Butleigh Wootton. The other wedding I shot here was that of some of my best friends, Scott and Emma, so I have a perfect record of only shooting Butleigh Wootton weddings for people I have know for at least 15 years. I’m sure that record will be broken soon 🙂

The simple but heartfelt and personal ceremony, including a couple of readings, was by our friend Sian Holm .

The beautiful historic mansion has its famous sweeping staircase and spacious rooms both up and downstairs. The ceremony was held in the marquee at the back of the property, which was very cosy and welcoming from the winter chills outside.

18 Bridal party outside Butleigh Wootton

19 Bride and groom outside historic mansion Butleigh Wootton

22 Bride walking down the aisle at Butleigh Wootton

23 Wedding ceremony - groom lifting back bride's veil

24 Wedding ceremony in the marquee at Butleigh Wootton

25 Bride and groom sharing a laugh

26 Bride Alison while her groom speaks his vows

27 First kiss between bride and groom

28 First kiss between bride and groom

29 Group shot at Butleigh Wootton

30 Bride and groom walking down the aisle

31 Bride and groom on the staircase at Butleigh Wootton

32 Bride and groom on the staircase

33 Bride Alison and Groom Phil on the stairs at Butleigh Wootton

34 Bride Alison with a light beside her

35 Bride and groom on the staircase

36 Bride and groom photographed between stair railing

37 Little cute flowergirl

38 Wedding cake from above

39 Beautiful bride Alison

40 Cute flowergirl on the stairs

41 First dance between bride and groom at Butleigh Wootton

42 First dance between bride and groom at Butleigh Wootton

I had a great day and really enjoyed working with this lovely couple and their very kind and friendly families.


Butleigh Wootton, Emma and Scott

Butleigh Wootton wedding bride groom Millgrove Photography

Butleigh Wootton

Butleigh Wootton wedding – I had the privilege of capturing some of my closest friends Scott and Emma at this beautiful Melbourne venue in March, 2013.

I’ve known Scott for around 15 years, and when he arrived back from time in Ireland with a beautiful Irish girlfriend Emma, who had plans to stay in Australia for a while, we did wonder whether or not he might be sensible enough to hold onto her 🙂

A few years and an engagement later, the wedding date was set for Butleigh Wootton, and as it turned out they had some close friends who had just established a wedding photography business, and they were both brave and kind enough to ask me whether I would shoot the wedding.

I must say I thought it was extremely kind of them to take a chance on me – I think at that stage I had only shot about 30 weddings and anyone who has worked in this business will tell you that isn’t a whole lot, and certainly when you’re going to shooting probably your best friend (and one of your wife’s best friends) big day.

Scott and Emma were very laid back about the photography, I think it’s one of those weddings where my level of preparation and planning around the photographry was just about the equal to the bride’s 🙂

Of course I covered the preparations, although for the guys this was certainly laid-back and they weren’t interested in a lot of the traditional getting-ready shots. When i headed over to Butleigh Wootton to met the girls, were all in hair and make-up, and we had plenty of time to get lots of great preparations shots there.

Of course the ceremony was a very personal one for me, and it was so great to be able to watch it all through the lens – I will admit I became a bit more emotional than usual (which is bad enough at the best of times) – being able to photograph their wedding was a genuine pleasure and privilege for me.

The reception was fantastic as they are at Butleigh Wootton, and some lovely Irish touches for the guests, a small box of Irish chocolates for the girls, and a mini bottle of Jameson’s Irish Whiskey for the guys. I still have it on my shelf as a reminder.

So the date 8th of March is a really special one for me, it’s had a number of significant weddings and I don’t have it booked next year – anyone looking to get married at Butleigh Wootton on a Tuesday? 🙂