Connie and Johnny’s wedding at St John’s and Berth Docklands

Berth Docklands wedding

On Saturday I spent the day with the lovely Connie and Johnny, photographing their big day at locations around Melbourne, finishing at Berth Docklands.

After taking the long drive all the way across town, I started out by meeting Johnny and best man Drago out at Johnny’s place. Being joined by family and some close friends and a visit from their cute flowergirl, it was a very relaxed but genuinely excited atmosphere. With tailored suits donned, buttonholes pinned, we headed out for some shots of the awesome Camaro. I’m also sure I saw some cigars being readied for later in the night.

Then I headed back down into Northcote to meet up with Conne and her family, gathered at home. After some family shots and portraits, their friend with his detailed and rebuilt Customline arrived. Given their attachment to racing, these cars were a feature of the day, and the Customline was an awesome ride for Connie and Johnny, with an amazing job done by their friend. After some more portraits it was on to the church.

St. John’s, Lygon St

Amazingly I got a park just down from the church, and headed inside to set up the cameras. From a photography point of view, celexa side effects grinding teeth once I’m inside the church the light pretty much doesn’t change, so I can set the cameras up in advance and know that when I walk back in I can just switch one dial and my preset settings are ready to go.

With Johnny and the guests’ all arriving, we were ready to go. Johnny had to make a quick dash back inside as the Customline started coming down the street. With Connie escorted down the aisle by her Dad, a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding followed, itself followed by a group shot outside the church.

On a classic Melbourne spring day, we then headed down to Fitzroy Gardens for family shots and some more portraits. Then on to Albert Park’s Kerford Pier, it was a little breezy but it did give the guys a chance to take Connie’s shoes off and get a walk in the sand on their own before we headed to the Langham for some shots on the staircase.

Berth Docklands

Then it was on to Berth Docklands for an awesome cocktail reception. Starting with cake and dancing, followed by great food and lots of drinks and dancing overlooking Docklands.

Reception: Berth Docklands

Church: St John’s, Lygon St, North Carlton

Bonnie and Aron’s Geelong wedding celebration

Bride and groom Geelong wedding

On Saturday I loaded up the car with all the gear and headed down for Bonnie and Aron’s Geelong wedding (well, Grovedale – which is actually a fair way out from Geelong when you get there 🙂 )

I’d met with Bonnie and Aron a month or so ago to finalise everything. It was their turn to come up to the Valley that time. We had a chance to talk through how the day would pan out, and they went away to find the spots they’d like to use for location shots after the wedding.

With absolutely beautiful weather, I arrived at Aron’s family’s home for the groom’s preparation shots. With some Elvis going in the background, the family were gathered to help Aron prepare. I think it’s safe to say there were some nerves there, but that is normal for a wedding day.

On to meet up with Bonnie and girls. When I arrived there was some intense jewellery cleaning going on – and all the jewellery was absolutely sparkling come wedding time. With a beautiful dress hanging in the lounge, Bonnie was pretty relaxed and I have to say remained that way throughout the day. A very chilled out bride and groom all round actually.

Read on below the gallery if you’d like to.

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Geelong wedding celebration

The ceremony was led by Pastor Scott, who delivered a very modern, thoughtful and entertaining few words before conducting the Geelong wedding formalities.

Outside for a group shot, which is why the ladder had come down with me – we had over a hundred people to include, so the ladder made things that much easier.

After formal shots with family the bridal party headed off to Bonnie and Aron’s chosen location – a pretty little lake and some bushland just out of town. We had about 45 minutes to shoot, and I think we got some great stuff in that time.

When we got back to the hall, it had been completely transformed for the reception. And everyone looked to be having a great time, despite the temporary fire alarm and visit by the fire brigade 🙂

For me then it was back into the car, a few hours drive back to home before transferring and backing up the images, recharging everything, and getting ready to do it all again the next day.

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Ruth and Anthony, Ballara Receptions

Ballara Receptions

If you’re going to get married in July in Melbourne (in Lilydale, no less – reception to follow at Ballara Receptions), you had better be a brave couple who are prepared to deal with some pretty ordinary weather.  And they were – Ruth and Anthony sailed through the day and its weather challenges like it was a fine spring afternoon, as originally planned.

Lunchtime weddings often mean an early start and this was the case as I caught up with the guys at 8.30am for their preparations in Lilydale, where black suits and red ties were all ready to go. Anthony had chosen a unique set of cufflinks for each groomsman, and with a very relaxed vibe the guys were all ready before we knew it.

I then headed up to Balgownie Estate where Ruth and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Hair and make-up were still in progress, which meant we got some great candid getting-ready shots. Soon enough it was time to get dressed though, and with 3 unique red dresses and a beautiful bridal gown the girls all looked awesome. There was a little more nervousness than there was at the guys’ location though – or perhaps they were just covering it up?

Check out the gallery below and read more about the wedding under the gallery.

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The ceremony was held at St Patrick’s in Lilydale, a church that I’ve driven past hundreds of times but never celexa side effects rash shot in. And after I managed not to get soaked pre-ceremony, a very personal, funny and heartwarming priest made Ruth and Anthony husband and wife. They walked back down the aisle, out into some hurried congratulations – we’d planned for a group shot, but the rain started again so the bridal party headed over to Ballara where I joined them.

We jumped in an out of the rain, and the whole bridal party did a spectacular job in working with me to make sure we got some great shots for Ruth and Anthony. Ballara Receptions is one of those venues where this is more opportunities then there is time – you could really spend hours there in different spots. Personal favourites of mine included the reflection of the gazebo, the newlyweds by their beautiful Chevy Bel-Air bridal limousine, and later some of the night shots that we grabbed during a few moments of quiet away from the reception.

Ruth and Anthony had chosen to do an archway to escape, and as they did I ran ahead to get shots of the car leaving. A great day, a great first wedding back from our break, and looking forward to showing them the whole set very soon.

Guys’ prep: Foothills Conference Centre | Girls’ prep: Balgownie Estate | Church: St Patrick’s, Lilydale | Photos and reception: Ballara Receptions

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