Courtney and Matt, Cloudehill

Cloudehill in the Dandenongs


When Courtney told me a day or two before the wedding that she would probably drive herself to Cloudehill on the morning of the wedding, I didn’t think she’d actually go through with it! That gives you an idea of how laid back and relaxed she and Matt were.

A beautiful and very touching ceremony was led by lovely Melbourne celebrant Penny Hartelt. The ceremony locations was in the central amphitheatre at the absolutely gorgeous Cloudehill gardens up on Mount Dandenong. It’s such a perfect time of year to have your photos taken in a formal garden where the leaves are turning all sorts of autumn colours.

The guys were looking very dapper as they waited with much excitement for the beautiful Courtney to appear. The walk down from the car park to the bottom of Cloudehill is quite a walk. Great idea to bring some flats with you if you’re going to do a lot of walking around after the ceremony – which you are certainly buy celexa online canada going to do if you want to make the most of the absolutely beautiful ground at the venue.

It’s definitely one of those venues where there are more opportunities than there is time – so many great spots to take advantage of, and lots of different looks for your album or prints.



Bride Courtney drive herself to her wedding

Groom and groomsman with their bridal town car

Bride and bridesmaid - love the cute dresses

Bride and bridesmaid coming down the stairs to make an entrance

Bride approaching with groom in the foreground - wedding photography

The beautiful Amphitheatre at Cloudehill, in the Dandenongs

Proud Groom Matt



A happy bride and groom





Bridal bouquet with bride and groom in the background

Closeup of beautiful bride Courtney

Bride and groom taking a quiet moment together on their wedding day

Bride and groom with beautiful Autumn leaves in the background - Autumn wedding


Black and white of bride and groom



Bride and groom with beautiful Autumn colours

Bride and groom with beautiful Autumn colours


Bride and groom with beautiful Autumn colours, Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography, Cloudehill

If was also one of those weddings that taught me a lesson about having a nice clean car (which it wasn’t, at the time!), as it was called into action shortly after to give everyone a ride .We headed back to the Loft in the Mill to drop off the car for Courtney and Matt later, and then we all climbed into my Ute and I gave them a lift to Copperfields. That car has gone to car heaven now, replaced with a much shinier and nicer car – but the many uses for the ute will never be forgotten 🙂

Venue: Cloudehill, in Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges

Celebrant: Penny Hartelt