Michelle and Chris, Clover Cottage

Clover Cottage

Covering preparations through until the first hour or so of the reception meant we could get some great shots at all the different locations. A very bright and sunny March day meant plenty of light, and presented some interesting challenges at the time of the ceremony as the bridal party was in deep shade under a beautiful tree at Clover Cottage. Michelle and Chris were a referral from one of their friends, and having shot their engagement party as well, it was great to be there healthordisease.com to photograph the wedding, and get some beautiful shots inside as well.

Groom and groomsmen getting ready at home

Closeup of wedding rings in boxes pre-wedding

Groom and groomsmen poolside pre-wedding


Bridesmaids getting ready pre-wedding

Beautiful bride Michelle getting her headpiece put in pre-wedding

Bridal bouquets laid out in a row

Bride Michelle arriving at Clover Cottage





Wedding Photography at Clover Cottage