Emily and David, Flemington Racecourse Wedding

Flemington Racecourse Wedding

Flemington Racecourse Wedding

Just as I was up to the house where Emily was getting ready, taking a big drink of water and getting ready for a day shooting in the bright sunshine, a Harley roared past, piloted by a guy in a suit (minus the jacket). I thought to myself “that will be David on his way to Flemington!”. As it turned out, he was on the way around the block as the plan had changed, and we were now photographing David and the guys at the same spot. So as Emily made sure she stayed out of sight inside, we took a few shots of the guys out the front with the bikes, before they did the head off to meet us at Flemington.

Emily’s dress was hanging beautifully in the bedroom with a customised hanger, so after some shots of the dress and details, we had some time to take some bridal shots of Emily and the girls, and then some quick shots of the family as well before I departed to the venue.

A bride arrival and ceremony later, and we were able to take photos in the mounting yard, the stands, and on the actual track at Flemington – too hard to resist a small recreation of the Melbourne Cup with our bridal party 🙂 Followed by arrivals at the reception and cutting the cake, it was a fun day at the races – although being out to cover this Flemington Racecourse Wedding did bring back some memories of some messy Cup Days back in the nineties … Thanks Emily and David for the opportunity to capture your Flemington Racecourse Wedding, catch up with you soon.

Venue: Flemington Racecourse Wedding