Kladie and Andrew, Phoenix Theatre, St Kilda and Milanos

Milanos wedding

Milanos and St Kilda

Milanos might have been where we ended up, but it was such an awesome day working with Kladie and Andrew that it seemed to take a long time to get there!

I did something I love to do with these guys, which was get to the rehearsal during the week. Turned out to be even more important this time, due to the venue being the cosy little Phoenix Theatre in Elwood.

After the ceremony, we joined up again down in St Kilda for a beach shoot at some hand-picked locations. These guys were so much fun to work with, with such a lovely bridal party, that it was an absolute pleasure.

Then once we had all got hot and sandy, it was great to get back to Milanos for a cool glass of … water of course, but I did see the bridal party washing the dust down with a couple of appropriate beverages 🙂

Kladie arrives

Candle lighting ceremony


Bridesmaids walking down the aisle

Bridesmaids walking down the aisle

Kladie and Dad

Kladie and Dad

The bridal party is ready

A candle lighting ceremony

Exchanging rings

Inside the Phoenix Theatre

The crowd cheers

Wedding photos in St Kilda

Bridge near The Stokehouse

A quite moment post-wedding

Strolling on St Kilda beach after the wedding

Strolling on St Kilda beach after the wedding

Strolling on St Kilda beach after the wedding

Bridal photography by Millgrove Photography

St Kilda bridal image

Bridal photo at St Kilda Beach

Bride and bridesmaids

Groom and groomsmen

Bridal table at Milanos all set

Wedding cake topper

Kladie and Andrew are announced

Good times

Emotions always run high at weddings :)

Cutting the cake

Kiss during the first dance

Garter in mid air