New video slideshow – Amy and Luke’s Mornington Peninsula wedding

Amy and Luke’s gorgeous wedding at Luke’s Mum and Dad’s home in Mt. Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula. I really LOVE home ceremonies. They’re always prepared with a lot of love and the the details are always especially well thought out.

I found that Luke is an extremely laid-back guy, and in between capturing all the little elements that everyone had added around the house and garden, I did manage to sneak some shots of Luke preparing, and a couple of portraits. With well-wishers beginning to arrive, I jumped in the car to see how Amy and the ladies were doing down in Mt Martha.

An amazing 2-piece gown was laid out in the bedroom, hair and make up were almost completed when I arrived to catch up with Amy and her Mum, sister and nephew – he was preparing to walk Amy down the aisle. It was all very calm, and with no bridal party it does mean things are a little calmer. There was plenty of time it seemed, but as always the time goes quickly, and you’re ready to depart for the ceremony. Perhaps there was a bit of nervousness – that would be right for a wedding day?

At Mt. Eliza wedding guests were now all arriving and I said hi to the lovely Nola Coulthurst who was going to conduct the ceremony in for about 50 friends and family. The garden was beautifully set up and Luke’s arbor was part of the backdrop. Amy got to the ceremony just about right on time, finding there a happy Groom Luke. Some very personal vows were followed by a blessing of the rings, and then after a kiss, a smile, and signing the register, that  was it – they were married.

The light doesn’g last long in May in Melbourne, so we quickly headed down to a hidden Mornington Peninsula beach location, using the fading light and sunset. There was no one there, it was sunny, windy, freezing, and so beautiful. We found an old cane chair that had washed up – perfect for some special wedding shots.

Time to get back to the reception to thaw everyone out. Campfires, candles – everyone was very cosy, and I felt so great about the wedding heading home, it was such a pleasure to get great shots for Amy and Luke.