Alfred Nicholas Gardens – Liz and Nick

 Alfred Nicholas Gardens

Ceremony at the beautiful Alfred Nicholas Gardens in the Dandenongs. The intimate wedding of Liz and Nick, in January 2013.

This was a unique and memorable wedding for me as there were only a handful of guests, and the ceremony was held across on a little island at Alfred Nicholas Gardens.

Liz looked absolutely gorgeous in a very modern 50’s inspired gown. I thought it summed up the wedding perfectly – cool, modern, and understated.

Bride's shoes on wedding day

Wedding dress laid out on bed

Wedding dress hanging in the garden

This shot is up in our office, we really loved the 50’s vintage feel, it really suited these guys and the celebration.

Bride putting on her earrings

Beautiful bride

Bride in the garden pre-wedding

Bride with flowers reflecting in eyes

Bride pre-wedding

Beautiful bride pre-wedding

Bride lying down on sofa

Groom pre-wedding

Groom pre-wedding

Groom sitting on bench  pre-wedding

The bride and bridesmaid arrive

Celebrant chatting with bride and groom

Bride during wedding

Groom during ceremony

Bride and groom with reflection in lake

Exchanging rings

Exchanging rings

First kiss

Groom cheering

Bridal photography by Millgrove Photography

Bridal photography by Millgrove Photography

The Alfred Nicholas Gardens is such a beautiful spot, with lots of fern-lined paths and some beautiful water features. A great spot for an intimate and secluded Dandenongs wedding.

Bride and groom with reflection in lake

Bride and groom on a bridge by a waterfall

Bride and groom walking in the gardens

Bride and groom in gazebo

Bride and groom in gazebo

To get to Alfred Nicholad Gardens, you need to walk down quite a long and fairly steep path. That’s typical of many gardens in the Dandenongs I guess. Liz had pre-warned we when we first met, but when I was scouting the location ahead of the wedding I realised this was going to be quite a walk for both the guests and the bride and bridesmaid.

However, they treated it with absolute confidence and of course it all went fine, including the celebrant’s PA gear which had to get down there as well. I believe though that the kind staff from the gardens did giver her a lift back up the hill 🙂

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