Stef and Ashley’s wedding at St Monica’s, bridal shoot at Queens Park, Moonee Ponds

It was about a couple of years ago I first met with Stef and Ash here at Millgrove HQ, and we talked about a wedding at St Monica’s that was going to happen in early April, 2016. It seemed a long way off at that point – we talked about how things were going to pan out, the plans, the thoughts, and what we might do on the day.

Now to use a bit of film editing terminology; smash-cut to last Saturday, and the day had arrived, slowly but somehow suddenly. And what a great day. These guys had such a great time throughout the day, I was so pleased for them. Every time I looked over, they were smiling, joking, and absolutely loving this day that had been so long in the planning. It was a joy. It was a privilege to be there, and I’m sure the guests felt that same feeling that this was an absolute celebration.

Here’s a preview – please read on at the bottom of the post for some more about the day.

St Monica’s, Moonee Ponds

Queen’s Park, Moonee Ponds

The Emerald, Thomastown


Alongside the very friendly (and all-around great guy) Zed from Cutting Edge Video, it was a great wedding shoot, from the ceremony at St Monica’s right through until Stef and Ash departed the Emerald at midnight, or thereabouts.

The first dance was definitely something to see, although I think Ash might have upstaged himself (?) with the “Melbourne Shuffle” later on in the night 😉

One of my favourite parts of the day is having a few quiet moments with the bride and groom after we’ve done some bridal party shots, just to let them take a few seconds alone. We (the photographer and video guys/girls) can just set them up in a position, tell them to relax and just “be”, and walk away. It’s great to watch from afar, seeing them take a few seconds to gather themselves and talk about what’s gone on – there’s so much to talk about, and somehow so little to say sometimes.

Congrats Stef and Ash – hope you enjoyed having your photos taken as much as I enjoyed working with you both.


Church: St Monica’s, Moonee Ponds

Bridal shoot: Queen’s Park, Moonee Ponds

Reception: The Emerald, Thomastown

Videographer: Zed from Cutting Edge Video

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