Our Top 5 Wedding Bouquet Photos

Wedding Bouquet Photos – Millgrove Photography Top 5

Hi everyone, I thought I’d do a quick post on some of our favourite wedding bouquet photos from the last few years. That is, the ones that we’ve taken – check out Pinterest if you want to see all the thousands of amazing ones other photographers have captured.  Over the nearly 200 weddings we’ve covered in the last 4 years, these are some of our favourites.

Some are big, some are small, and one may not even be “real” … but they are all absolutely beautiful. So here is our list of our Top 5 Wedding Bouquet shots – for the moment! 🙂



Casey’s beautiful native bouquet

Casey and Luke got married almost a year ago to the day, and we’ve absolutely loved this bouquet from the minute we saw it. I don’t really know much about the names for these flowers, but those big bold colours and unmistakeable natives made this a perfect bouquet for their wedding, held at the historic Emu Bottom homestead.

See more from Casey and Luke’s wedding by clicking here.

Wedding bouquet photos - Beautiful bridal bouquet at Emu Bottom Homestead




 Gretta’s gorgeous red and pink bouquet

Another bouquet featuring red flowers and natives as well, we love how this arrangement with roses and orchids is framed with a collection of gum leaves and ferns – again a great fit for the venue which was Ballara Receptions.

See more from Gretta and Pat’s wedding – click here

Wedding bouquet photos - Beautiful bouquet from Ballara Receptions wedding

Jess’s pastel roses

Something more traditional here for Jess and her wedding with Dave at Yarra Ranges Estate. Really soft and beautiful little bouquet bound up with some rustic string – I thought they looked great against the polished boards.

 Some more shots from Jess and Dave’s winery wedding – click here

Wedding bouquet photos - from Yarra Ranges Estate wedding

Rachel’s soft and gentle beach bouquet

Loved Rachel’s collection of different sized flowers in soft tones to match the rest of the laid-back wedding – and the setting against the beach worked great with the very cute couple in the background.

Rachel and Phill’s beachside wedding is featured here – click for more

Wedding bouquet photos - Bridal bouquet on the beach

Amy’s ultra-modern stainless steel bouquet

This shot is from one of my very first weddings, and I still really like the shot as well as the bouquet. I still use this in some promotional materials and it always gets commented on. Even though they’re not real, the bouquet does have certain advantages – it will never fade, never lose its leaves, and I haven’t seen another one like it since – definitely deserving of making this list.

Unique steel metal bridal bouquet

For a great overview of some tips and tricks on image editing from ShootDotEdit, check out their post “How to Edit Wedding Photos – ShootDotEdit’s Expert Tips” – something to learn in there for everyone 🙂

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