Pre-wedding shoot in the Upper Yarra Valley – Nik and Dishali

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of catching up here in the Yarra Valley at Millgrove Photography HQ with Nik and Dishali ahead of their wedding, which is coming up very soon.

After meeting in the office for a chat about how the wedding is going to work in the coming couple of weeks, we headed out to explore some parts of the river and take some beautiful pre-wedding shots to show off to family back home.

When I say explore, we weren’t really exploring – I had pre-planned exactly where we were going to go and had the spots all set, but for Dishali and Nik it was an adventure of sorts. Dishali did deserve an award for some of the ground she managed to navigate in heels 🙂 But then again I guess it takes a bit to rattle a Londoner.

Can’t wait to get down to Williamstown for the wedding very soon, and get some very different shots, hopefully at the beach and with the city in the background. Come on Melbourne weather, hold out for us.

Check out the shots and some more info about where they were taken after the gallery.

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Yarra Valley

The shots are all from Warburton, near Millgrove Photography HQ up here in the Yarra Valley.

We started off with one of the swing bridges that cross the Yarra, and I kind of forgot it was a swing bridge until we all stepped onto it and it moved. Then we headed down into town and took advantage of some of the beautiful street that runs through the town. It’s still the Warburton Highway, but more of a local road at that point.

Always such a pleasure to work with a lovely couple, and it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of the area when we catch up here at the office for a meeting – why not pop out and get some pre-wedding shots while you’re here – and maybe sample a winery or two 🙂

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