Ash and Brady’s country Yarra Valley wedding

Yarra Valley Wedding

Saturday was one of those days that just couldn’t really have gone better. Making my way out to Tarcoola, I reflected as I drove onto the property that anytime you drive over a cattle grid to get to the venue, you know it’s going to be a great day.

Brady and his groomsmen were preparing, and still putting in some hard work getting hay bales dressed as well. Along with Mum and Dad, and a pop in from FOB Jon, the guys were busy making sure the property was absolutely spot on. And there had been so much work put into the place, it looked amazing. From driving in past the temporary campsite in one of the front paddocks, to the hay bales, and the huge marquee, no detail had been left to chance. An awesome setup for a country wedding.

After getting dressed, some getting-ready shots and pinning on of flowers, and a couple of beers – for the guys, not me 🙂 – I headed off, leaving the guys chatting on the hay bales.

Met up with Ash and the girls at some little apartments in Yarra Glen. Even though I’ve been through there hundreds of times, I didn’t even realise these cute little flats were just around the corner off the main street. No matter how many weddings I cover, there’s always something new to discover and learn.

Upstairs for the detail shots, and then time for the girls to get dressed. Lots of laughing and some discussion over how to tie Ash’s ribbon. A Skype setup so that Grandma could watch proceedings. A beautiful dress, and some very cool flats for later, and a GT parked out the front.

Yarra Valley Wedding

Back to Tarcoola and getting ready for Ash’s arrival. For something completely different, I could see the wedding car coming from a mile away – almost literally – so unlike many times I had advance warning that the girls were on their way.

Hopefully the pictures tell the story but a lovely ceremony conducted under beautiful blue skies, and we were even treated to a fly-past from a single-engine aircraft for the nearby Lilydale airport 🙂

Then it was out down some country roads to the picturesque spots we’d chosen for bridal shots, including a dirt road and a beautiful weatherboard farmhouse.

Then back to the property that had been so carefully converted into a wedding venue, including a viewing deck built by the groom himself.

Marquee. Band. Speeches. Drinks. Sunset. Awesome Yarra Valley wedding.

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