A Daylesford wedding, Kim and Ash

Daylesford wedding at Frangos & Frangos, Kim and Ash

Daylesford, Frangos & Frangos

After having first met Ash and Kim quite some time before the wedding, it was great to catch up with them again. I met up with the guys at Ruby’s Cottages right in Daylesford. The guys were looking great and were just about ready to go, so as soon as I got closeups of ties, shoes, cufflinks and, of course, the rings, they were ready to help Ash get completely ready. A couple of very good whiskys were definitely in order (not for myself, unfortunately – no drinking on the job 🙂

I took a short ride over so see how Kim and the girls were getting on, just in time to catch the last of hair and makeup being completed. There were some beautiful flowers as well, provided by Wombat Hill Nursery & Florist. And what a gorgeous group of bridesmaids, parents and helper kids they were – so easy to work with and excited about the day ahead.

The wedding ceremony was conducted in St Peter’s church, once again in Daylesford. Some special moments from the ceremony included some readings, and the entrance of the kids with their signboards. After the ceremony, Kim and Ash left via the aisle, and we did a group shot and some family portraits in the shade outside the church.

The weather had turned beautiful for us as we headed down to the lake for the more contemporary bridal shots, and with everyone working together well we covered a heap of different shots in a short space of time.

Then it was back to Frangos & Frangos for a couple of drinks before a very grand entrance through some confetti 🙂 Lots of confetti. And this was a fantastic Daylesford reception, lots of dancing, emotional and heartfelt speeches, and the mother of all thunderstorms that hit right in the middle of it! Luckily everyone was cosy in the beautiful restaurant, so it didn’t matter what was going on outside.

I loved some of the first dance shots from this reception, and the cake topper was a beauty as well.

Daylesford wedding, Frangos & Frangos, St Peter’s church