Kathleen and Andrew’s beautiful church wedding at Our Lady of Victories Basilica

Hotel Windsor and Our Lady of Victories Basilica

On Saturday I was lucky enough to photograph Kathleen and Andrew’s wedding at the beautiful Our Lady of Victories Basilica on Burke Rd in Camberwell. Check out the images below, and read on below them for a bit more about the day.


Our Lady of Victories Basilica

The day started with some express preparations, as the wedding was being held at midday – the girls really need to get started early when it’s an early wedding!

Then on to the Basilica, which is under some renovations at the moment, but you’d never know that from looking at the building from the front, or inside. An absolutely beautiful and historic building.

After the Nuptials Mass conducted by Father Paul, we got a group side effects celexa withdrawal shot and then headed out for a tour around Melbourne! Starting with the Royal Melbourne Botanical Gardens, Kerford Rd Pier, then Fitzroy Gardens and Treasury Place, and Parliament House – it was like a tour of awesome Melbourne wedding photography locations πŸ™‚

And what would be a more fitting end than a reception at the beautiful Hotel Windsor on Spring St. To have been there two weeks in a row was brilliant – I’m sorry I’m not working there again this weekend.

Had a brilliant day with Kathleen and Andrew and looking forward to showing them all the finished shots in a week or so.

Ceremony Venue: Our Lady of Victories Basilica, Camberwell – http://www.cam.org.au/camberwell/

Reception: The Hotel Windsor – http://www.thehotelwindsor.com.au

Video: Video Boutique

Abbyrose and Jason’s classic Melbourne wedding – St Patrick’s Cathedral and The Hotel Windsor

St Patrick's Cathedral and The Windsor

Last Saturday I spent the day with Abbyrose and Jason photographing their classic Melbourne wedding, featuring St Patrick’s Cathedral and The Hotel Windsor. What could be more Melbourne than those two iconic locations?

Scroll down to check out the images and read the blog post below – a little bit of a change of format, happy to hear in the comments any feedback that anyone might have!

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St Patrick’s Cathedral and The Hotel Windsor

At around 7.45am I arrived at Jason’s parents’ house in Attwood, over in Melbourne’s north western suburbs. When I say “over”, I mean over the other side of town – I’d left home at around 5.50am to get there in time. That’s what happens when you have a midday wedding!

After preparations I headed down to where the lovely Abbyrose, Carlie and Erin were getting ready, just a few minutes away in Greenvale. With the dresses already hanging up and ready for their spotlight, it took us no time to get the detail shots done, leaving lots of time for portraits with the beautiful girls and family. I could tell it was going to be a great day because everyone was just so kind and easy to work with – the kind of wedding day that is just an absolute celexa side effects yahoo answers pleasure to photograph.

Then it was on to St Patrick’s. Despite having been there many times I’d never photographed a wedding there, and I thought it was going to be quite dark. But I soon learned that I’d never been there with the lighting switched to “wedding” mode! With the altar absolutely beautifully and evenly lit, it was not problem at all to get some gorgeous shots of the ceremony, which was traditional as you’d expect.

After a group shot we released the 154 guests on central Melbourne and headed to a few locations chosen by Abbyrose and Jason around the CBD, and then back to the Windsor for a rest and some more shots on the staircase before the epic reception in the Grand Ballroom.

I had an absolutely awesome day working with Abbyrose and Jason, Carlie, Erin, Matt and all their family and friends, and it was a special pleasure to meet and work with Steven Beck from Steven Beck Media.

Check out more of our recent work on our Blog page, or check out the Gallery for a selection of images from across the years.


Venue: St Patrick’s Cathedral, The Hotel Windsor

Locations: St Patrick’s, The Hotel Windsor, Botanical Gardens, Hosier Lane, Parliament House

Videographer: Steven Beck Media – http://www.stevenbeckmedia.com.au/


7 Tips For Winter Brides

Umbrellas as accessories - 7 Tips for Winter Brides

7 Tips For Winter Brides

Here are our 7 Tips For Winter Brides – As a full-time professional wedding photographer in Melbourne, Australia, I see lots of weather “events” in our wedding shoots. If you know anything about Melbourne, you’ll know that the weather in this city is almost like a lovable and loyalΒ  but unpredictable friend.Β  It’s always around, can be amazing and unexpectedly awesome, but can change suddenly and seemingly attempt to ruin your day at any moment.

So having just come to the end of our Winter, I thought I’d put together some thoughts on some simple tips for helping you all enjoy your winter weddings – and get great winter photographs if the weather isn’t perfect – instead of just hoping to survive them πŸ™‚

Oh – and I’d LOVE to hear any comments or feedback in the comments section below – please let me know your thoughts!

Here are the tips – read below for more explanation ….

  • #1 – Look after your bridesmaids
  • #2 – Heel stoppers
  • #3 – Grab some funky, location specific shoes
  • #4 – Emergency Kit
  • #5 – Don’t sweat the little imperfections
  • #6 – Umbrellas as a fashion accessory
  • #7 – The light – don’t forget about the light!

#1 – Look after your bridesmaids

When it’s hot in summer, the guys tend to suffer in their heavy dark suits when the temperature starts to climb. Often the bridesmaids are getting a beautiful tan in the sunshine and strappy dresses while the guys are sweating through their shirts inside a woolen 3-piece .

And then in winter, it’s the opposite – the guys are all snug and the girls are turning blue, trying to stay warm while we get the bridal party shots done.

So perhaps think about including some sort of pashmina or shawl for the girls (and yourself!) as part of their outfit for the day. If it’s going to be freezing, a light shawl or furry wrap can really help the girls stay happy and engaged, and focused on helping you out to get great shots – instead of looking for the nearest inside spot or outdoor heater.

Bridal party - RACV Cape Schanck wedding

#2 – Heel stoppers

Many venues have grassy areas where you might want to get photos afterwards, or you may be heading out to other spots to get some shots which might require having to either walk across grass, or stand on it for a while. You (or your photographer πŸ˜‰ ) might have imagined that perfect clifftop shot, only to find that the grass has become soft and you’re having that sinking feeling …

This can leave you with a couple of problems – dirty heels, difficulty in moving around and potentially look like you’re wearing flats instead of the heels you carefully picked out.

Some simple clear plastic heel stoppers can be a huge relief to all three. You can put them on when you head out to get your shots, and then take them off when you reappear for the reception – and no-one will ever know.

You may not need them on the day – doesn’t hurt to be prepared though, right?

#3 – Grab some funky, location specific shoes

Sticking with the footwear theme, this particularly relates to those of you planning to have your bridal photography shot somewhere like a winery, beach, farm, forest – somewhere outdoorsy and natural.Β  You’re going to be walking on a lot of unpaved surfaces, which are not the natural home of the 4″ stiletto.

Why not bring along a different set of shoes for a change of pace? It can make for some great variety in your shots, and give you a couple of cheeky fun shots without having to do anything too cheesy.

Beach – thongs are an obvious choice.

Winery or forest – some cool colour co-ordinated gumboots can be a cute look, especially if you match it with an umbrella if the weather is looking a bit dodgy.

And remember, if your dress is long and floor-length, we can always hide your shoes – so if you’re going to be walking along rocks or tricky terrain, don’t hesitate to put on the Cons πŸ™‚ You can always switch back to the heels later in the evening.

Funky wedding shoes

#4 – Emergency Kit

As someone who photographs weddings almost every weekend, there’s a bunch of stuff I have in my own Emergency Kit – spare band-aids, florist’s pins, rubber bands, etc. – and that’s not even talking about the photography stuff!

Possibly you’ll be getting ready at a hotel room or location away from home – and it’s not always easy to know where you can just pop out to get something if you’re a long way from home.

So this is an all-year-round tip – start putting your wedding day Emergency Kit together in advance, so when it comes to the day, it’s already done.

Here’s a few things you may want to consider including;

  • bobby pins
  • dressmaker’s pins
  • safety pins
  • needle and some thread that’s an appropriate colour
  • lighter
  • bottle-opener/waiter’s friend (how many hotel rooms don’t have them any more!? Don’t they know you’re getting married!?)
  • spare earring backs
  • spare phone charger
  • water bottle
  • everyone’s contact numbers written down on paper (in case of phone flat battery or being misplaced/turned off) – celebrant, photographer, venue, florist, etc.
  • band-aids
  • lip gloss/balm
  • little perfume sample bottle of your chosen fragrance
  • decent (eg. timber) coathangers for dresses/suits
  • gel inserts for shoes (even if you don’t put them on until the reception)
  • spare ribbon for your dress, if it laces up (don’t laugh – I’ve seen this forgotten or left out a couple of times).

You can fit almost all that stuff in a little make-up bag that just gets put in your “getting ready” bag – and hopefully you never need it, but it’s there if you do.

#5 – Don’t sweat the little imperfections

OK, this one might be a bit controversial ahead of wedding days, BUT … if you’re going to be walking around outside between the wedding and the reception, there is a chance the bottom of your dress will get a little dirty.

It’s unavoidable, especially if you’re going to get the most out of your shots.

So my advice is try not to worry too much about the underside of the dress – if you’re walking through a beautiful winery or along a beach or thorugh city laneways, if your dress is going to be gliding across the ground, it may get a couple of marks or collect a few passengers (sticks, seaweed πŸ™‚ ) .

If you’re super worried about this, task a couple of bridesmaids to literally follow you around on dress-management detail so they can carry it whenever you have to move spots.

But try not to worry about it – when you get back to the reception, no one’s going to worry about what’s invisible on the bottom of that beautiful dress (and I actually think it gets dirtier from sweeping across the floor while you’re dancing anyway).

Walking through the vines at Killara Estate

#6 – Umbrellas as a fashion accessory

This can actually be true in summer as well – a little lace parasol can be a beautiful accessory for a hot summer’s day shoot, as well as keeping the sun off.

I always bring a few big black umbrellas to weddings where it might rain, but if black isn’t your thing and doesn’t match your theme, it might be worth sourcing some cool umbrellas that are a match.

Colourful bridesmaids deserve some colourful umbrellas, or you can always go with clear ones Casey did below, or the classic white for the bride is sometimes a good option too.

In any case, it’s much better to have them and not need them, than to need them and not have them!

Umbrellas as accessories - 7 Tips for Winter Brides

Umbrellas as accessories – 7 Tips for Winter Brides

#7 – The light – don’t forget about the light!

Finally, this one is specifically related to photography – you need to remember to account for the light. Any good professional photographer will have the experience and equipment to shoot in near darkness, using either camera settings, flash units, or both – but it doesn’t mean you don’t have to consider timing around the light.

If you’re getting married in winter, chances are that it’s going to be getting dark earlier in the evening that it does in summer – in Melbourne, that’s absolutely the case.

So around here, in July it gets dark around 5.15pm or so. And I mean that it will be DARK dark by then.

What that means is that if you’re planning a 4.30pm ceremony, it’s going to finish around 5pm or so. If you then want to do a group shot, family formal portraits and all your bridal photography after that, you’re simply going to run out of light.

So when planning a winter wedding, start with the sunset time and work backwards. Talk with your photographer about how you imagine the day going, and let their experience guide you on how much time will be needed for different things.

If seeing each other before the wedding is an option for you, a pre-wedding first-look followed by some of your bridal shots done before the ceremony itself can achieve a couple of things – you can get those sunny garden or beach photos you’ve dreamed about, and also get to the party sooner having done a lot of your photographer before the ceremony.

Unless you want to be signing the register by the light of the celebrant’s iPad (trust me, it happens) – consider the time of year and the light carefully before setting your ceremony timings in stone.

Beach wedding images


If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read this post, 7 Tips for Winter Brides, I hope it’s a help to you. Any comments are welcomed and much appreciated, and I promise to respond – so let me know your thoughts!