Katie and Alex’s beautiful Autumn Healesville Gables Wedding

Healesville Gables Wedding

On Saturday I had an awesome time photographing Katie’s and Alex’s Healesville Gables Wedding. This was my first time capturing  a wedding at Healesville Gables, and I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time. After meeting with Katie and Alex a couple of times, including at the venue, last year, it was finally time for the big day.

Preparations were happening at a couple of beautiful little properties found on Airbnb – quaint and cute little Forest Lodge for the guys, and beautiful, rustic Lavendar Farm for the girls.

Both Katie and Alex were very calm in the lead up to the wedding, and it always amuses me how different the environments are for preparations from one wedding to the next. Sometimes it’s loud music and lots of people and movement – other times it’s very calm, quiet and focussed, and these guys were definitely the latter 🙂

Check out some shots in the gallery below and read on below if you’d like some more thoughts about the images themselves. Thanks again Katie and Alex for giving me the pleasure of working with you and capturing your amazing wedding 🙂


Healesville Gables Wedding

A few notes on a couple of the shots, it was brilliant to know that Coronation Park was going to be one of the post-Healesville Gables wedding locations, and it was looking absolutely awesome with a thick carpet of leaves on the ground. There were more opportunities than time for our shoot, even though we did have plenty of time – I had to keep checking with the guys that they wanted to keep shooting as they were running right up to drinks and canapes hour!

Healesville Gables itself was also looking absolutely beautiful with all the Autumn colours coming out, and we tried to take advantage of the best of those opportunities as well.

And a final location was the abandoned sheds at the old railway line – this was something that Alex and Katie suggested, and it was a great spot to give some contrast in their shots to the natural beauty of the park.

Thanks for reading if you got this far – loved this wedding and hope you like the shots.

Venue: Healesville Gables – http://healesvillegables.com.au/

Locations: Coronation Park & the old railway line, Healesville