Niki and Paul’s St Eustathios and Melbourne Zoo Wedding

Melbourne Zoo Wedding images by Millgrove Photography

Melbourne Zoo Wedding

St Eustathios

A Melbourne Zoo wedding gallery – highlights of Niki and Paul’s Melbourne Zoo wedding in September, 2013.

Gotta absolutely love that London bus turning up with all the guests, groom and bride! 🙂

Now that's a heck of a bridal bus!

Always cool when the bride and groom arrive together, especially travelling in style. When Anne and I were working in London it was always a case of trying to avoid having to these buses (call me a posh git), not ride them to a wedding!

The happy couple

Niki and Paul about to walk down the aisle together

Beautiful bride and groom walking down the aisle together on the way to their Melbourne Zoo wedding reception.

Niki and Paul walking down the aisle

Wedding dress detail

Inside St Eustathios

Blessing the rings

Niki's flowers

Wearing the rings for the first time

Blessing with the crowns

Images by Millgrove Photography

Niki and Paul

Crowns from behind

Niki's shoes

Images by Millgrove Photography

First kiss - again :)

Leaving the church

Group shot outside the church

Through the back window as they depart

Convertible wedding car

Departing the church

Wedding images at Melbourne Zoo

Wedding images in the Elephant exhibit at Melbourne Zoo

Wedding images at Melbourne Zoo

Millgrove Photography at Melbourne Zoo

Close up of Niki's bouquet

Millgrove Photography at Melbourne Zoo

Under a blue sky at Melbourne Zoo

Niki and Paul on the beautiful carousel

Niki and Paul on the beautiful carousel

Sunset in the Japanese Garden at Melbourne Zoo

Wedding images in the Japanese Garden at Melbourne Zoo

Bridal photography in the Japanese Garden at Melbourne Zoo

Loving the look on Paul’s face in this shot. This was taken in the butterfly house. He has the look on his face of a man who thinks he might have caught his own beautiful butterfly 🙂

A very happy couple in the butterfly enclosure at Melbourne Zoo



Melbourne Zoo Wedding – Anojini and Steve

Melbourne Zoo Wedding

 Melbourne Zoo Wedding

Melbourne Zoo wedding – Anojini and Steve’s wedding ceremony was in the beautiful Japanese Garden, hidden away in the Melbourne Zoo’s grounds. It’s a beautiful little spot for a very modern and intimate wedding, not necessarily what you think of when you think “Melbourne Zoo wedding“. Not an animal in sight, at least, for the ceremony.

Loved this shot of Anojini’s 2-part floral wedding dress hanging in the window with the bridesmaid’s dress, the light really worked shining through the different dress fabrics.


Wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses hanging in the window


Absolutely beautiful wedding rings.

Wedding rings

Bridal jewellery

Wedding day - pink flowers

Mum helping bride Anojini get ready

Now there’s a happy Mum – what a beautiful smile.

Pinning the flowers to Mum's Sari

Pre-wedding family portrait

Bride Anojini preparing for her big day

A reflective portrait of the bride

Bridesmaid walking down the aisle

Exchanging vows

Serious fingernails there. Thanks Steve for carefully giving me a great shot of the ring going onto Anojini’s finger 🙂

Groom placing the ring on her finger

A smiling and happy Bride Anojini

A happy couple

Traditional flower garlands were hung over the bride and groom’s neck as a Sri Lankan touch to the wedding.

Traditional flower accessories

Bride and groom among the bamboo

Wedding photos in the tiger enclosure

Wedding photography in the Butterfly enclosure

It wouldn’t be a Melbourne Zoo wedding without some of the animals photobombing …

Some giraffe photobombers :-)

Some giraffe photobombers :-)

The 1800’s carousel at the Zoo is always a favourite spot for Melbourne Zoo wedding shoots. There are lots of great spots for wedding images if you’re having a Zoo wedding, but this is definitely one of them.

Bride and groom on the historic carousel

Loved this cupcake tower, but it does always pose the question “how do you cut it”?

Wedding cake

Wedding cupcakes

Bride and groom cutting the cake

A few words from Groom Steve

First dance together