Liz and Matt, Nathania Springs

Wedding photography at Nathania Springs

Nathania Springs Wedding

It seemed like most of Shepparton had made the trip down to Nathania Springs for Liz and Matt’s wedding. Judging by the smiling faces on every single person there, they were all having a brilliant time as well.

I photographed the girls getting ready at the absolutely beautiful Holly Lodge not far away, and then some pre-wedding shots with the guys before the hot rod arrived with Liz, her proud Dad and 5 bridesmaids.

Holly Lodge is absolutely awesome, with lots and lots of room for all the girls to get ready – which you do need when you have 5 bridesmaids! The girls looked gorgeous in those cute pink dresses. And how amazing were the flowers from Simply Stems Boutique Florist – absolutely beautiful and a perfect match for the dresses as well.

A couple of photography generic celexa vs lexapro hightlights were the bubble-off by the bridal party – standing either side of Liz and Matt as they walked down from the gazebo – trying to outdo each other on who could produce the most bubbles 🙂 . And the amazing tree with pink flowers that Liz and Matt posed under for some of their images together is absolutely beautiful as well.

Nathania Springs has a wealth of spots for wedding shots and we tried to capture as many of them as we could.

I also created a video post for these guys – I have the intention of doing this for everybody but unfortuantely they take so much time, it doesn’t always happen! But here’s a little video compilation of Liz and Matt’s Nathania Springs wedding.