Chloe and Andy, Trenavin Chapel, Phillip Island

Back in December 2013 I had the pleasure and privilege of photographing Chloe and And’s wedding at Trenavin Chapel on Philip Island.

I absolutely love Trenavin Chapel, although I’ve only shot this one wedding there I absolutely fell in love with the place. A bit of a personal story, the chapel reminds me of where I got married to Annie back in 2005, being a little white timber chapel with wooden pews and not very big inside. It’s also on Philip Island, where I spent a large part of my spare time surfing and bodyboarding back in the pre-children days 🙂

Check out the shots, and there’s a bit more about the place and Chloe and Andy at the bottom.


Trenavin Chapel


Talking to relatives at home in a quiet moment

Talking to relatives at home in a quiet moment

The lads before the wedding

Trenavin Chapel


Trenavin Chapel

These two sneaky fellas had hidden a flask in their sporrin – what else are they there for? Remember everyone, kilts don’t have any pockets, you’ve got have somewhere to keep your flask and credit card on a night out! Had to take this shot for them and keep it a secret for Chloe to find when they got their proofs 🙂


A quick wee dram to calm the nerves

Two brilliant blue Kombis that were just a perfect fit for the location – surf cars for a surf spot, and even the colours were a great match.

Wedding Kombis

I get a lot of comments on this shot, people seem to love the framing and it’s something you can only really do with a car that has that shape windows, and there aren’t too many of those.

Bride in her wedding car Kombi

The bridal party is nearly ready

Bride approaching the church

Bride entering the church

Dad giving the bride away

A happy bride

Exchanging rings

First kiss

Formal post-signing shot

Second kiss :)

Group shot overlooking Phillip Island coastline

Looks like we might be OK ...

Bridal party outside Trenavin Chapel

Chloe and Andy sharing a moment

Seen through the kissing couple

Traditional shot of groomsmen holding bride

Gorgeous bride

Outside Trenavin Chapel

Overlooking the coastline of Phillip Island

Gorgeous bride and groom

Chloe and Andy

Thge Kombi's are back

Beautiful bride and bridesmaids

Beautiful wedding cake

Focus on the cake


So it was amazing to pull up to the chapel for the first time, look out over that grey southern ocean, and feel that familiar south wind and a few drops of rain (let’s pretend it was sea-spray) on my face – just awesome.

It also helped that Chloe and Andy are such down-to-earth and friendly types, with a really fun and friendly bridal party, that it made photographing their wedding an absolutely awesome day. And I still have their thank-you card in the front of my thank-you’s folder, just love that view and that place.