Ariba and Toby’s celebration ceremony and Carlton Gardens wedding shoot

Carlton Gardens wedding shoot

On Sunday I met with Ariba and Toby for their Carlton Gardens wedding shoot, and celebration with friends and family in the Treasury Gardens.

Our celebration and photos on Sunday were a follow on to their official wedding a couple of days earlier on the Friday in line with Ariba’s heritage, so it was a very relaxed bride and groom who met me at Carlton Gardens for the shoot. Although as the time got nearer for Sunday’s ceremony, I definitely think I detected some nerves and excitement were still there.

It was a big weekend, with two wedding ceremonies, friends and relatives in town from interstate and overseas, and a Doctoral qualification to be presented on the Monday – now that’s quite a weekend!

We met in the Carlton Gardens, where on a Sunday afternoon it’s usually pretty quiet. However, on Sunday there was a motor show and a large wedding in the gardens themselves, so it definitely wasn’t quiet! It was a great example of why, as a wedding photographer, you need to be early to get started – you’re never quite sure how things are going to change on the day. You might have plans for parking that just go out the window, so it’s important to have a plan B.

Anyway, more about the day’s events below – read on below the gallery to check out some more about Ariba and Toby’s Carlton Gardens wedding shoot.

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Carlton Gardens Wedding Shoot

After wrapping up in Carlton, we decided we’d all walk down through the top of the city, and I took the opportunity to get some classic Melbourne shots in front of some iconic spots in that part of town.

It’s important to be comfortable, so if you’re going to be walking a long way on a wedding day it’s great to have some comfy footwear. I have my Rockports – they look just like a dress shoe, but they have a sports shoe sole – perfect for 12 hour days on your feet. And usually it’s the bride who brings alternative footwear if necessary. This time it was a little different – Toby had brought the flip-flops as the traditional shoes he wore were no match for a couple of kilometres through town 🙂 There were lots of smiling faces and best wishes as we walked down through the city – it was great to see so many people congratulate Ariba and Toby, who were a striking couple in their wedding day outfits.

So we walked down past the Windsor, the Old Treasury Building, and through to the ceremony at the JFK Memorial Garden in Treasury Place where friends and family were starting to arrive.

Because the official ceremony had been on Friday, Sundays was an informal but very emotional and personal ceremony which celebrated a number of aspects of their relationship. Combined with a couple of small rituals and dedications to those who couldn’t be there, were some very honest and powerful words, speeches and vows.

With the conclusion of the ceremony, we captured some formal shots with friends and family before heading off to get some more photos in the always-popular Fitzroy Gardens.

Then I was headed home to Millgrove HQ, to backup the images, recharge everything including myself. And start working on the images to get this sneak preview ready.

I had a really great time with Ariba and Toby and hope you guys enjoy this sneak peek 🙂

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