Sam and Steve’s brilliant Yarra Valley wedding at the Warburton Golf Club

On Saturday it was a beautiful, bright and sunny day – perfect for for Sam and Steve, and you couldn’t have picked a more sun-drenched spot for a Warburton Golf Club wedding.

I know you want to get to the images so here they are – If you’d like, read on below the post for some more about the day.

Thanks again Sam and Steve, hope you love these! 🙂


Warburton Golf Club Wedding


I caught up with the guys at the place they were staying in Warburton, just around the from the golf course. Immediately I could tell we were going to have a good day, as the guys were happy and joking around – looking forward with anticipation and lot of excitement to the wedding itself. And with it being a family affair – all groomsmen being brothers Steve or Sam – it was easy to see they were having a great day and just so happy to celebrate Sam and Steve’s big day.

Absolutely loved the Ninja Turtle socks – having 4-year-old and 6-year-old boys and being a Ninja Turtle fan from my own childhood, how could I not?

And the pocket watches – very very cool. We got the idea to get a reflection shot of Steve and each of the groomsmen reflected in their watches – just included the one of Steve here, as I thought the post was long enough already!

The it was onwards to catch up with the girls, again just around the corner, which makes life very easy for your photographer when you’re so close to the venue!

Such a pleasure to meet up with Sam and her laid-back team of bridesmaids and lovely family, and a beautiful bright house to get ready in. Detail shots, getting ready, and then some portraits inside and briefly outside and it was time to go!

A fairly hot afternoon was developing and guests were hiding in the shade at the club, but a very happy and laughter-filled ceremony followed, conducted by fun celebrant Che.

With the giant LOVE letters and lawn-games set up for guests to be entertained while the gang went off for photos, we gathered up some golf carts and headed up the hills to take advantage of the club’s location, nestled between a couple of mountains, including the one where we happen to live – it was a bit strange to be photographing a wedding so close to home!

Thanks again Sam and Steve – look forward to catching up with you soon.




The ceremony was conducted by the lovely Che Gittus –

The stunning Warburton Golf Club wedding venue, perfect for a Yarra Valley wedding –

DJ and MC work by the always awesome Shannon Towan from Music with Memories – check him out on Facebook at

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